About the Authors

Fellow Voices is made up of a group of Writing and Speaking Fellows at Barnard College, and is overseen by Cecelia Lie, Coordinator of the Writing and Speaking Programs.  Read on to learn more about each of them, or click to learn about our philosophy.

Megan Cunnane
BC ’16 Writing Fellow Major: English

Megan is an avid Radiolab listener, a fan of Butterfingers, a late-sleeper, a sometimes guilty and sometimes proud fan of E!, absolutely terrified of elephants, a collector of elephant trinkets (NO ivory included), a feminist, a frequent customer at Chipotle, and a happy member of the Barnard Writing Center. In addition to her love for writing, Megan is also interested in storytelling through media such as radio and video. Her idol is some mix of Robert Krulwich, Virginia Woolf, and Beyonce.

Alison Economy
BC ’15 Writing Fellow Major: American Studies

Alison Economy enjoys playing “Home on the Range” on the harmonica and hanging American ephemera on her wall. Last semester, she learned that trying to navigate Dublin with a map from James Joyce’s time was among the most inspiring ways to get lost. She seeks out oddities in her everyday life and believes an eye for the new, the rare, and the curious lie at the heart of good writing — and good fellowing.

Alejandra Figueroa
BC ’16 Speaking Fellow Majors: Political Science & French

Alejandra Figueroa is a Bronx native, now residing in Mississippi. She loves trying new things, especially food. She hopes to travel the world, and India is one of the countries she hopes to visit in the near future. She is always looking for new venues in the city. One of her favorite spots is a well-hidden gem, the Wave Hill public garden, located in the Bronx. It both puzzles and fascinates her that rhetoric is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. She secretly wishes she could be an actress. She also likes 80s movies, Roiboo’s Wedding Chai tea, spending time with her younger siblings, Netflix, and Olaf. One of the songs on her replay list: Sweather Weather.

Annelise Finney
BC ’15 Speaking Fellow Major: Urban Studies

Annelise Finney loves both cities and nature, which can be a confusing combination. Where humans choose to spend their time, and how they interact with space and with each other fascinates her. This includes how they speak, what they say, and how they it. Speaking is something most of us do everyday, yet it is far from the mundane. Speaking causes things to happen. Think about this the next time you speak to someone: just a simple manipulation of muscles has an effect on the world around you. Your words are your power- use them.

Aliza Goldberg
BC ’14 Writing Fellow Majors: English (Creative Writing) & Ancient Studies, Minors: Art History and Environmental Science

Aliza Goldberg, a sophomore double majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Ancient Studies and double minoring in Art History and perhaps Environmental Science, clearly has trouble making major decisions.  Yet during her time at Barnard, becoming a Writing Fellow was never a decision with which she struggled.  She loves languages both dead and alive, and has studied Latin, Spanish, Italian and Vietnamese. This summer Aliza will be interning at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi in the economics section, which has nothing to do with any of her majors or minors but does offer adventure.  You can read about her past adventures on her blog alizid.blogspot.com.  Along with fellowing, Aliza enjoys going to museums, traveling, reading The Aeneid, writing, and revising.  She has revised this bio numerous times and is still unhappy with it.

Bridget Jamison
BC ’16 Writing Fellow Majors: Dance & History

Bridget Jamison is certain that she has the very best job in all of Barnard. She hails from the D.C. suburb of Vienna, Virginia, but she’s currently enjoying the glorious view of the Hudson River and the state of New Jersey that she has from her dorm window. She loves stories—particularly those we tell ourselves, those we tell future generations (there’s the history major), and those we tell without words (there’s the dance major). Her grand scheme for the year is to write a novel, but reading and rehearsals will probably get the best of her.

Sarafina Kietzman-Nicklin
BC ’14 Speaking Fellow Major: Sociology, Minor: Religion

Sarafina is passionate about: coffee, Indian food, blogging and traveling. She has been to over 15 countries. Her personal and academic interests are heavily influenced by her Quaker upbringing and the year she spent living in Francistown, Botswana in 2007. She tries to remember to stop talking now and then but mostly fails.

Emily Klochkoff
BC ’15 Speaking Fellow Majors: Anthropology (Archaeology track) & English

Emily likes the ways we humans attempt to breach the gaps between us with written and spoken language as well as nonverbal expression in art, dance, and other media which led her to both her current majors and her position in the Speaking Fellows. Outside of interpersonal communication, Emily likes nail polish, pumpkin flavored everything, inner-machinations, the Atlantic ocean, and musty libraries. In her free time, Emily tries to make the most of NYC’s incredible art collections open to the public, but usually ends up back in the Egyptian Wing at the Met.

Sarah Levine
BC ’14 Speaking Fellow Majors: Urban Studies & Political Science

Sarah enjoys New York Times cross words, sweater weather, flying, Turning To The Page by Stephen Dunn, babysitting, student think-tanks like Design for America, old lady neighbors, Santiago Calatrava, cities, Aquaphor NYC Triathlon, public education, her parents, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Cory Booker, sewing, Wired Magazine, peach tea, http://www.theatlanticcities.com, Saving Private Ryan, Danse Russe by William Carlos Williams , this video of Anne Richards, FC Barcelona, sun showers, moleskins, and Speaking Fellows. She hopes to use this blog as a venue to muse on many of these things.

Cecelia Lie
BC ’11 Coordinator, Writing and Speaking Programs

Cecelia is still in disbelief that her first job after graduating from Barnard involves creating projects (like this blog) with the brightest, most amazing women she knows.  As the Coordinator of both programs, she is particularly excited about the connection between Writing Fellows’ and Speaking Fellows’ philosophies, and looks forward to posting about the writing-speaking relationship – a connection that shapes and reshapes her views of empowerment, feminism, and creative intelligence on a moment-to-moment basis.  Cecelia wants to show how Fellows do more than talk about semi-colons like secret admirers, or teach you how to hold eye contact for uncomfortable periods of time during presentations; rather, Fellows fellow (yes, fellow) each others’ lives — asking questions, reflecting, and saying what they mean.

Mia Shapiro
BC ’14 Writing Fellow  Major: English

Mia is a proud Boston native and loyal fan to every and all Boston sports team. After her grandparents introduced her to NYC when she was four years old, she just couldn’t get enough of it. Mia loves cooking and enjoying home-cooked dinners with friends and family, and is always willing to try a new food or restaurant; she especially loves trying every Ramen restaurant in the city. Mia is just coming out of a semester of full-time student teaching at the James Baldwin School in Manhattan, where her passion for pedagogy and urban teaching grew even stronger than before. While Mia’s passion is in writing and helping others to write, she also has a strong love for public speaking and loves the adrenaline of speaking to a large crowd. Other interests include watching old movies, eating cheese, writing for a rock music blog (puluche.com), journaling, taking pictures, and walking aimlessly with no clear direction.

Christina Seto
BC ’15 Writing Fellow  Majors: Neuroscience and Behavior & English, Minor: Classics

Christina is a junior Writing Fellow, who always looks to find connections: between speaking and writing, between humanities and science, between Barnard students and the world beyond. She loves studying the human mind through biology, literature, and history, and she can often be found making references to things like chemistry and poetry in the same sentence. Her favorite topics are wave-particle duality and the Heisenberg principle, Shakespeare and Steinbeck, and Ovid and Cicero; any combinations are even better. You can find more of her writing on her personal blog about food allergies in New York city, Brunch with Bear. Her passions beyond writing include sunbathing, watching Baz Luhrmann’s movies, and teaching young children.

Raney Shattuck
BC ’16 Speaking Fellow  Major: Political Science

Raney is a Southern girl living in the big city and loving (almost) every second of it. Her interests include: reading/talking about/obsessing over the Harry Potter series, arguing with people on Columbia’s mock trial team, making a fool of herself in Zumba class, and reading through the night. She has a long “NYC bucket list” that she’s slowly working though in her free time. She hopes to use this blog as a space to think about how speaking impacts the way that we see each other; communication builds perception, and she plans to reflect on this in her role as a Speaking Fellow and blogger.

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