Some Inspiration

There is a common misconception that writing always comes easily to “good” writers. “Good” writers seem to have a never-ending supply of words, ideas, and creativity, while “bad” writers struggle. Regardless of your level of comfort with writing, I think we’ve all had those days (or late nights) when we’ve stared at the blank computer screen, waiting for essays to magically write themselves or for the writer’s block-dam in our brains to burst.

I recently came across an article from O, The Oprah Magazine called, “Advice for Aspiring Writers” in which six best-selling and award-winning authors (including Toni Morrison, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Michael Cunningham) discuss the difficulties and frustrations of writing as well as the joys that can arise from it. Read more here:

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a student who only writes in order to pass a class, this article shows that writing is often a difficult task for everyone regardless of their experience. So, the next time you have a bad case of writer’s block, just remember: even Pulitzer Prize winners have their off days.


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