I wish all presenters were Robert Krulwich (or five-year-old children).

The following post was contributed by Ditty Vick, Writing Fellow Alumna (’08) and previous Writing and Speaking Programs Administrator (2008-2011).

Before I encountered the Speaking Fellows Program, I didn’t really think much about presentation-giving.  Sure, if you pressed me, I’d probably be able to say that I preferred listening to a conversational-style speaker versus a newscaster-style speaker.

I never really thought about how much preparation it takes to sound conversational and natural.  But it actually takes quite a bit of time, as Deborah Potter wrote recently in a blog post about RadioLab, “…don’t be fooled. That conversational approach takes work.”

Potter ends her post by saying that she thinks newscasters should try to sound more conversational, even though they, when reporting live, don’t have the luxury of editing to make their reports sound both conversational and professional. I agree, unless, that is, you are this five-year-old.


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