Really Cool Writing App!

Sometimes, the mere act of clicking on Microsoft Word gets me down. I know what’s coming–a dreadfully blank document that must soon become a 6-8 page essay on Spain’s political structure, ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian War or whatever else I am currently studying.

Luckily, I recently found this new program called Omm Writer that makes the sometimes stressful and painful act of writing an academic essay more…zen. It is essentially a word processing program that you download onto your computer (free for Macs and Windows) that combines peaceful music and picturesque backgrounds to make the act of writing more pleasant and peaceful.

The website describes OmmWriter as “a beautiful writing environment that helps you concentrate and create. It has the necessary tools you need to write and manage files, without the distracting elements that you normally find in conventional writing applications. OmmWriter opens in fullscreen mode, and has a number of backgrounds and audio tracks to increase your concentration, and to create an open space where your creativity can roam freely.”

Watch this awesome Omm Writer demo:

Click here for your free download:


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