The feminist librarians of New York present: the Feminist Zinefest 2012


Endless Bummer, ink on paper, Kate Wadkins

Barnard may have one of the best feminist zine collections in the city, but this past Saturday the 2012 NYC Feminist Zinefest surely surpassed that little shelf in the Wolman Library. A showcase of visual artists, poets, journal writers, social critics, comic writers, and other feminists who write and publish zines, the Zinefest featured a wide array of zine authors – but all with a feminist bend.  According to the Zinefest’s website, a zine is “like a small, pocket-sized emissary of ideas.”  It is a medium that puts us in touch with the contemporary feminist discourse outside of academia and outside of the world of publishing – it is the blog before its time and the last of modes of expression in print in our digital age.

And after all, what could be more feminist than an open forum for fellow voices in the artistic, literary, and activist world?

Check out the awesome designer/photographer Kate Wadkins and Barnard’s own Jenna Freedman, both featured at the Zinefest


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