Why You Should Apply to Become a Writing Fellow

We are looking for the next group of Writing Fellows! For those of you who know that you want to apply, applications are due Thursday, April 5th at 1 PM. For those of you who are not so sure, here are a few of the many reasons why you should apply:

  • The Writer’s Process course: This course is required for Writing Fellows during the fall semester. In this class, you will not only read various articles about writing theory, how to teach writing, and how to help students with writing, but you will also gain insight into your own writing process. One of my favorite parts of this course was the intimate environment that allowed all of the WFITs (Writing Fellows In Training) to bond and learn together. You will be well-prepared (and excited!) to begin working in the Writing Center after this course.
  • Helping students: Barnard can be an extraordinarily competitive environment, so it is refreshing to have conversations with students that will help them think further about and become more confident in their writing. 
  • Helping yourself: There are many perks to being a Writing Fellow. For one, the pay is great, and there are many opportunities to earn extra money. I also feel like I am constantly learning about new subjects, new ideas, and new people whenever I work in the Writing Center or meet with a student from my attached class. You can’t help but to pick up new information when you’re reading a paper about Frankenstein and the sublime one day and a paper on Irish history the next day.
  • Becoming a part of the Writing Fellows Program: You will never feel alone once you become part of the Writing Fellows Program. With constant support from Pam Cobrin (the Writing and Speaking Fellows Director) and Cecelia  Lie (the Writing and Speaking Programs Coordinator), multiple large and small group meetings with Writing Fellows throughout the semester, and special programs like Fellow Fellows that allow you to bond and work with other WFs, there is always someone available to ask questions or seek advice. Working as a Writing Fellow is a learning process itself, so all Writing Fellows regardless of their level of experience or major are always looking to find new and better ways of working with students and writing.

Don’t wait any longer…apply now!


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