From Clueless to Already Enlightened

September 5, 2012:

It’s day 2 of the fall 2012 semester, and I’m introducing myself to my classmates in my Hindi class… you know, the usual: my class year, major, interests, extra-curricular activities—including of course, that I am a writing fellow. I merely finish saying the word fellow, thinking to myself, I’ll probably have to speak for another minute or two explaining what a writing fellow is. But this is not so. Here are two freshman girls who cannot contain their excitement. They exclaim—taking turns in expressing their enthusiasm—“You’re a writing fellow?! I’m sooo excited to come to you! I heard it’s really hard to get an appointment though!”

I guess I was a bit clueless when I was a freshman; it took two whole weeks after classes started for me to get to know the Writing Center to understand the role of a writing fellow. Times have changed. Thank you social media!


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