Dear Midterms, get at me.

For some, the word “midterm” connotes a wide range of negative emotions. Some people cringe merely when they hear the word, while others “freak out” and have panic attacks as the day of the midterm creeps closer. And unfortunately,  the worst is usually not over all that quickly.  Many students have two or three all clamped together, either in the same day or same week–I think we’ve even come to refer to it as Midterm Week.

This Midterm Week does have an end to it, and after it has soon become history, everything seems to be manageable. Well, at least for a while–until Round 2 I guess.

So while you’re enjoying a bit of regularity until Round 2, I want you to try this:

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

And Smile.

No, you will not magically remember all the formulas you need for the Chem exam without opening your notes once, and no you will not have 5 pages of your Anthro take-home midterm magically written on your laptop without any of your physical input–though that would be kinda cool–but, you will own the midterm without cringing, without freaking out, or having panic attacks. Then you can say, “Dear Midterms, get at me.”


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