Get your own, personal Barnard Speaking Fellow. For free.

Beginning Tuesday, February 5th, every Barnard* student can meet with her own, personal Speaking Fellow to develop her public speaking and presentation skills.

Speaking Fellows are undergraduate Barnard students who have been specially trained to help students craft, prepare, and deliver presentations and participate in class discussions.  Speaking Fellows can work with students on a range of skills, such as:

  • How to organize and structure ideas
  • How to create a persuasive, well-reasoned argument
  • How to make key points in clear, precise ways
  • How to use visual aids
  • How to improve and polish delivery

To sign up for a one-on-one session with a Speaking Fellow, register an account online.  For more information about this and other Speaking Fellow opportunities, visit the Speaking Program website:

*Columbia students may also make appointments with Speaking Fellows if they are enrolled in a Barnard course or have permission from their Columbia professor/TA.


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