Sister, Sister: Inspiration from One Feminist to Another

Every now and then, I fall into a void of zero inspiration and zero motivation to write. And then I read Geek It Out. Started by one of my dearest friends Alicen, a sophomore at Scripps College, Geek It Out is a blog for feminism, self-reflection, and adventure. While she doesn’t focus, as Fellow Voices does, specifically on writing and reading she is quite the eloquent observer. She has the ability to articulate everyday injustices or discomforts and open up the conversation in hope of solutions.

Well, now, doesn’t this just seem like propaganda? Perhaps. But Alicen’s blog is an inspiration for me, and that’s something that every writer needs. If I want to write a good lab report, I often look at science articles and old lab reports so that I can model my formatting, my phrasing, my style after them. If I want to write a decent blog post, I look at Alicen. We have been sharing writing, both academic and online, together for years, and having that second opinion, that second reader, that second writer for perspective is refreshing, encouraging, and comforting.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a feminist—although Barnard has a funny way of producing feminists—or even a writer—Barnard makes a lot of writers too—I encourage you to find your inspiration in Alicen, in Fellow Voices, or in your own favorite writer. A friend, a family member, a  fellow. Sharing writing is all part of the process, and that’s what the Writing Fellows have always been here to do: share writing and share the process.


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