Writing Fellows Meet Erica Mann Jong ’63

Barnard’s home page posted three reflections today written by Writing Fellows Claire Daniels ’15, Gabrielle Davenport ’15, and Katy Lasell ’15 about meeting Erica Mann Jong ’63 of our Erica Mann Jong Writing Center this semester. Check them out: http://www.barnard.edu/news/meeting-iconic-writer-erica-mann-jong-63-students-reflect

An excerpt from Katy Lasell:

“In blue velvet cat shoes, and armed with her trademark wit and candor, Jong shared with us stories from her own undergraduate experience at Barnard (“if a man was in the room, there always had to be one foot on the floor” – what, I wondered, could that possibly stop from happening?); advice on how to engage with those who proclaim themselves not to be feminists (“okay, so you want less pay than men? That’s fine.”); and tips on how to be photographed for 10 minutes without losing your mind. (“Breathe. Deeply.”) We also were lucky enough to hear an excerpt from her new novel, Fear of Dying, in which a woman confronts her fading sexuality and her mortality. I assumed these would be exclusively grim topics, but Jong had us laughing on the first page.”


Considering Baltimore: Write-In/Speak-In Reflection Space

Last Wednesday (4/29), the Writing and Speaking Programs sponsored a “Write-in/Speak-in Reflection Space” on Lehman Lawn in response to recent events in Baltimore—and in partnership with the Collective Advocacy Project. At this event, students (hopefully including you!) had the opportunity to speak and/or write about what’s happening in Baltimore from student perspectives. Thank you to everyone who let their voices be heard.

Below are just a few of all the submissions on display on the second floor of Barnard Hall in the Writing and Speaking Center. Please stop by the Center to continue reading each others’ responses and sharing your own. The submissions box will be here until the end of the Spring semester.

We believe this Reflection Space is an opportunity to highlight the political value of student voices and the acts of writing and speaking as mediums for dialogue and political change. We hope you will contribute and be heard!


The Barnard College Writing and Speaking Programs
The Collective Advocacy Project

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