6 Rules for Great Storytelling from a Moth Storyteller

by Alex Horn, Speaking Fellow ’16

Check out the below article outlining best storytelling practices from Margot Leitman, a champion storyteller at The Moth.

“Lesson 2: Have a Few Go-To Stories at the Ready
You should have a polished story or two in your repertoire. You never know when it’ll come in handy, says Leitman, pointing to a moment in Steve Jobs’s original iPhone keynote when the slide deck failed, and he sprung gracefully into a story he had at the ready. “I think it was a story he told socially a million times,” says Leitman. “Probably it worked socially, so he decided to tell it in front of the crowd. To me, it’s the most memorable part of that speech. Rather than talking about the components of the iPhone, he’s taking a moment that makes him human.””



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