Speak Up About Mental Health

As students with schedules filled to the brim, we often


at length about our commitments, responsibilities, deadlines, and plans.


We focus on what’s coming


next: where we’ll go, what we’ll do, how we’ll act.

I think we can do better than that.


We can talk less


what we are doing and more about how we are feeling and being.


We can be less judg-


of ourselves and others for not fixing, accomplishing, and delivering.


We can use our voices to facilitate and enhance

the emotional, psychological, and social


of our environment.


I challenge you – as I challenge myself – to start a conversation about mental health. Let’s learn more about the sources and treatments of mental illness, and support those around us who suffer from its various forms. By speaking about mental illness, we can begin to reduce the stigma and ease the burden. Prepare for the conversation by reading this article and watching this short clip.